Online, telephone, and in-person counselling and psychotherapy service based in West Cumbria with services in Leeds and London

Types of Therapy

Face-to-Face Counselling

WLC provides F2F Counselling & Psychotherapy in a discreet, safe environment. You will be offered the opportunity to explore the issues that brought you to the service. You will not be forced to talk about any difficult feelings but will be gently guided to explore those feelings at a pace that suits you.

Sessions are arranged around your individual needs.

Online Counselling

WLC provides Online Counselling & Psychotherapy to fit around the schedule of clients who lead busy lives, travel or live abroad, cannot commit to a weekly session, have a disability or mobility difficulty or for those who prefer not to have an in-persion session.

Sometimes receiving F2F therapy can feel too daunting, and receiving sessions online can feel less overwhelming.

Sessions are conducted using a variety of mediums:

  • Email Counselling — Provides a written service which enables you to send and receive sessions via encrypted email. The sessions can be delivered one week apart.
  • Instant Messaging (IM) Therapy — Provides a text-based online chat service which is in real time and so can seem much like a F2F conversation. We can meet via Skype, Zoom or VSee.
  • Webcam/video-call Therapy — Provides a real-time service which can feel much like a F2F session. We can meet via Skype, Zoom or VSee.
  • Telephone Counselling — Provides real-time sessions and can be conducted over the telephone or through audio on Skype, Zoom or VSee.

Online counselling is not appropriate if you are in acute distress and you should instead contact:


WLC provides regular support for individuals who work in the Health & Social Care sector, including Social Workers, Carers, NHS staff, Teaching staff or any organisation who requires sessions for their employees to discuss their case-load and the impact this may have on their emotional health.