West Lakes Counselling

Accredited counselling in Copeland and Allerdale

Services at West Lakes Counselling

Private Counselling

We provide counselling for individuals, couples and families; offering a friendly, warm and safe environment.

Sessions are held to fit around the client's work or school schedule.

Schools and Clubs

We provide counselling and support to schools and youth organisations, offering one-to-one sessions and group support.

Young people who have been supported through counselling show a significant psychological improvement in their mental health and a rise in concentration in class.

Young people show improvements in their social skills, confidence, and behaviour.


We provide counselling for local employers and their employees.

Stress related illness is on the increase within the workplace, and this counts for most of the long term absences. This is costing businesses a lot of money spent on sickness absence.

By referring your employees to a counsellor to work through their stress, you will see a return of your employees to the workplace much sooner.


The cost of counselling ranges from £40–60 per hour.

Counselling sessions are usually based on 1 session per week but can also be fortnightly dependent upon the individual need. These are usually between 6–8 sessions but some people may need a one off session. Others may find that they need long term support.