West Lakes Counselling

Accredited counselling in Copeland and Allerdale

Frequently asked questions

What is counselling?

Counselling is a listening service that provides an opportunity for an individual to talk through issues that are affecting them in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment.

How does counselling help?

Counselling helps by having someone support you through a difficult time. The counsellor will work with the individual to help him/her explore areas that may be of concern to them and support that individual in a non-threatening manner that can bring positive changes to the person's life.

Is it effective?

Yes – most people that come to counselling have found that they were able to relax and talk more openly to a trained professional compared to family or friends, due to the non-judgemental nature of the relationship. Through this support, most people feel empowered to change their lives for the better.

What kind of problems do you address?

Some of the issues that people come to counselling for include:

  • Parental issues
  • School anxiety
  • Peer pressure
  • Relationships
  • Self-harm
  • Phobias
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks

This list serves as an example of what we can help with and is by no means exhaustive.

There are a wide variety of other issues that people face and wish to seek counselling for that we can help with. No matter how small or large you think your problem is, counselling can certainly help by bringing it out in the open to explore it in more depth. We will work together to help you make the right choices.

How long will it take?

People are very different in their approach to counselling, so whilst some people may only want a one off session, others may require further sessions. Most people usually have 6-8 sessions, and these are held once per week at the same time and place.